When I was pregnant here in Mexico many people told me about the traditional herbal baths to recover the figure after the birth. Most women in Mexico do it and some even wrap themselves with a waistband using those same herbs.

Although I did not try the traditional way, at the hospital here in Mexico right after the birth of my daughter, I was given a special cream and wrapped very tightly. Sometimes it was so tight I thought I wasn’t going to be able to breath. However, it did help immensely to get my waist and tummy back inside. I continued doing it at home for a while and soon I was almost back to normal. I wish I had used the herbs as the results are even faster but at that time I had received conflicting suggestions on what herbs to use. That is why I ended up not using them.

Fortune has it, that the daughter of my maid just had a baby. She brought me the herbs they have been using for generations in her family, always with great success. The daughter was recovering from a C-section and bathed in these herbs for a week, everyday in the evening. She started bathing the day after she came back from hospital After three days the tummy started to tuck in, becoming firmer and firmer. Now, after two weeks it is almost back to normal.

Traditional Mexican Tummy Firming Bath

Traditional Mexican Tummy Firming Bath DSC06559 copy

Up from left to righ:

  • 1 bunch of Ruda – Ruta Graveoleons commonly known as rue or herb-of-grace
  • 1 bunch of San Nicolas – P. Trinervia
  • 3 bunches of Pirul –  Shinnus Molle also known as American pepper or Peruvian Peppertree
  • 1 bunch of Jara Pringosa – Cistus Ladanifer
  1. Fill your bath with lukewarm water.
  2. Bring a big pan into a boil with all the herbs inside. Once it is boiling, cook for 5 minutes more.
  3. Remove the herbs and add this extract water to your bath water and bathe for 5 minutes minimum.
  4. Once you get out you should get dressed rather quickly and wear very warm clothes. You are supposed to sweat a bit. Your body temperature will eventually get back to normal.
  5. You should use this traditional Mexican tummy firming bath for at least 7 days.

Traditional Mexican Tummy Firming Bath DSC06574 copy



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  • Jim says:


    I was looking for possible chocolatiers or even a cacao plantation in the San Miguel de Allende area, where we will be staying in February…

    Any thoughts??

    NIce job on the blog


    • Maria says:

      Hello Jim, Did you read my posts on the Cocoa Plantations in Mexico? There you can find all the contacts of the cocoa plantations in the state of Tabasco – Tour of the Cocoa Plantations I and II. As far as I know there may be shops in San Miguel de Allende that sell traditional Mexican chocolates but no cocoa plantations I’m afraid.

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