I have been a traveller for many years, exploring new countries and continents along the way. I hope you will enjoy my journey and discover not only old stones and new but also new flavors and the people I have encountered.

Coming from Portugal and like most Portuguese always feeling the urge to travel and explore, there is nothing better than go back to my beautiful country, breathe the fresh air from the sea, eat seafood and spend time with my family. I must admit it is not easy to live away from it all.

But I’m married to an Austrian so Austria has also become like a second home for me. My Austrian family, the beautiful mountains, the museums and the classical music are some of the highlights for me.

My 9 year old daughter is a great mix of both cultures and also from all the other cultures she has been exposed to since she was born. She is also Mexican by birth and that is one of the reasons why Mexico has such an important place in our hearts.

We just came back to Austria from 4 years in Iran. There is a lot I still want to show you about that fascinating country where we always felt welcomed.