My main focus as a photographer are people. I have always been a people person. Having lived in different continents I believe you get to know a country better if you take the time to meet the people and listen to their stories. 

That is what I try to portray, real people some of which I have met and have a story to tell, others that I capture in the streets. I always push myself to find that special moment that shows a bit of their true essence. I do it with honesty and respect, the way I would wish to be portrayed.

There is nothing better than when people tell me my photo has made their day or has made them happy. That is why I do it.

But you will also find places, old stones and new. I believe these are always intertwined with people and can also tell a story of the past and the people that built, lived and walked past. The same for the present.

I come from Portugal and although as most Portuguese I always feel the urge to travel and explore, there is nothing better than go back to my beautiful country, breathe the fresh air from the sea, eat seafood and spend time with my family. I must admit it is not easy to live away from it all.

But I’m married to an Austrian so Austria has also become like a second home for me. My Austrian family, the beautiful mountains, the museums and the classical music are some of the highlights for me.

My 9 year old daughter is a great mix of both cultures and also from all the other cultures she has been exposed to since she was born. She is also Mexican by birth and that is one of the reasons why Mexico has such an important place in our hearts.

I currently live in Iran and whatever you hear in the news, know that the people are welcoming and warm and the country has a lot to offer in culture, history, gastronomy and incredible landscape. The art scene is vibrant and it has inspired my photography and my creativity in a very special way.

If you want to know more about me and the places I’ve been, you can find a lot more under Journal and Blog.

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Published Work

The World Atlas of Street Food  – Carol Wilson & Sue Quinn, Thames & Hudson


  • Central de Abasto – Mexico City

Photography Exhibitions

With Open Arms

12 -20 November 2018
Austrian Cultural Forum Tehran

With Open Arms

2 -10 December 2018
University of Science and Culture

This exhibition was about the people of Iran that I have encountered not only in my daily life but also whenever I explore Iran as a traveller.

In this day and age where the negative seems to prevail over the positive, I wanted to show people who have welcomed me with open hearts and have taught me so much about their culture, their talents, dreams and feelings.

Combining street photography and portraiture, I’m very grateful for having had the opportunity to observe and capture moments which will stay in my memory forever.


Group Art Exhibition to celebrate the International Women’s day

6th March 2019
Austrian Cultural Forum