My feelings exactly

When I looked at this picture I took at the Opera House in Vienna, I couldn’t help thinking my feelings exactly! I don’t know why she felt so miserable but I know why I’m not happy for being stranded at home.

Yes, it happened! My body no longer used to the spells of cold in Austria couldn’t help getting sick. The first week was fine, my body and I had a great time in Vienna. We went to wonderful exhibitions, mostly photographic as you would expect. We also strolled in the city streets, happy to be back and we even went to traditional Viennese cafes where waiters are famously known for not being the most polite. Yes, we did it all and then we decided to go to Salzburg that I love where we had lots of fun.

But suddenly we ran out of luck. We felt cold and literally under the weather. We started coughing and feared the worst. Yes the damn flu got to us. The doctor’s advice was don’t leave the house until you are good which will take about a week. This, if you and your body want to fly to Portugal soon, which we do. With 27°C right now (about 80.6 Fahrenheit according to google) what’s not to like?

So here we are stranded, trying to keep ourselves busy without the fun part. I don’t even want to look outside, I feel secretly happy when my husband comes home and tells me it is cold and grey. I try to convince myself I’m not missing much!

The good news is that it has been a few days and we are slowly getting better. Portugal wait for us, we are coming!



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