Everybody needs a place to think. A place where we can be alone with our thoughts and where we can make sense of what’s going on in our life. A place even where we can make new resolutions and see things clearly.

I have several places that help me do just that, depending where I happen to be. In Iran where I live at the moment, my Friday art galleries pilgrimage usually does the trick. Looking at art relaxes me, inspires me and helps me think of new ways to be more creative.

If I was in Portugal, my country, it is near the sea I can think best. The sea always seems to wash away my troubles and allow me to put things into the right perspective.

In Vienna my second home, there was always a place which made it all better, the park! The first time I saw the Augarten I had mixed feelings. I found it beautiful but those towers from World War II, the reminder of a darker past looked in my eyes like a bad omen. Gradually though I learned to see them as a symbol of peace, of a past that should never be repeated.

A place to thinkDuring the two years I lived in Vienna, rain, snow or shine, this was the place I always went to gather my thoughts. It still is that place to think whenever I am back . I know every path, every bench, every detail …

Do you have a place to think?



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