And here we go again! Clouds are forming fast, wind is picking up and there is a far drumming sound slowly getting nearer. Another summer storm in Vienna.

One minute is hot and sunny and the other it becomes stuffier and dark. I can feel it in my head. I still remember how my father would tell me he was sure rain was coming. He said his foot was never wrong when it hurt a special way. I always laughed it off but he was mostly right.

Before the inevitable explosion, there is this special light that illuminates the buildings around, just like a painting.

Summer Storms in Vienna

Summer Storms in Vienna

Even the pigeons seem to know what is coming …

And here it is, summer rain! The photographer in me jumps into action, what are a few drops after all ?



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  • James A Weiss says:


    I found your site/blog a few years ago while searching for spice information.
    What a happy coincidence to follow you and your Photography, and writing.

    You are a talent.

    Jim in Connecticut, USA

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