How many plane trips did I have? It is hard to say. Hundreds I guess.

Sitting on a plane once again on my way to Vienna, I look outside. The sun is about to rise and there are gorgeous orange and red colours popping out of the horizon. A contrast to the black of the cabin where most passengers are still asleep.

Slowly you hear whispers and the sound of seats and people rising to go and try to fix the appearance of a not so comfortable sleep.

I take a few shots of the beautiful sunrise over my beautiful daughter still fast asleep next to me. We are sitting near one of the wings. I can never sleep on planes.

Soon they will wake everybody up. Tea, coffee and breakfast will be served before landing. I look again outside.

There is now a bit of yellow slowly taking over. We start descending and I start seeing little points of light underneath. Just a few hours ago I was in the traffic of Tehran where people were out and about preparing for Nowrouz, the Persian New Year. I hope the New Year can ease a bit the pressure everyone is feeling with the sanctions. It is hard to predict what will happen.

For now Vienna is approaching. The captain just announced we are landing in 25 minutes, 10 minutes ahead of schedule. A few clouds joined the horizon.

In two weeks, another flight. Other clouds, another sunrise …

Sunrise above the clouds




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