You can’t help admiring a Charro’s skill

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This is one of the last events, it is called “Paso de la Muerte” (pass of death), here a Charro tries to jump from his horse to an untamed one and ride it until it stops bucking. This is usually a very dangerous move as the horse is being chased by three other Charros. If you miss the leap and fall, you can end up being trampled by the horses.

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The last event of the Charreria are always the “Escaramuzas” where the women show their skills.

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They do crossings with the horses, it starts slow and then it goes faster when they start galloping. It requires great skill and precision since the space to cross is sometimes very narrow.

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They end their performance in a beautiful formation

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An important part of a Charreria is also entertainment and music. There are groups of Mariachis that specialize in Charrerias.

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And if you are lucky you can also witness something like this…

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So if you live here and never witnessed a Charreria or if you come on a visit to Mexico city, make time to witness this national sport, that shows the Mexican skill, courage and passion. I highly recommend it!

If you want more information on the next events here is the link to the site of the Mexican Federation of Charreria.



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