The bookshop El Pendulo in Polanco is one of my favourite places in Mexico city, specially on weekends.

The atmosphere created by the wonderful collection of books and the nice Mexican food at their restaurant, provides the perfect combination for a visit. I could spend hours exploring. Among the vast book collection focused in particular on Literature, Art and Humanities, you can also find a small English books section, as well as an important CD and movie selection.

There is a space for cultural events and many times on weekends you have relaxing live music that makes it even more special.

The Pendulo in Polanco was considered  by the British newspaper the Guardian, to be one of the 10 most beautiful bookshops in the world which is not surprising.




Their restaurant is ideal for a weekend breakfast, brunch or lunch, depending on when you like to get up. We usually stay outside when the weather is nice.



This time my husband decided to have the Huevo Macondo, which is a fried egg on top of a bed of two quesadillas (which are usually tortillas filled with cheese) filled  with cheese and zucchini flowers. It comes with a “salsa verde” or green sauce, a touch of cream and “pico de gallo” which is a Mexican type of salad with fresh tomatoes, chile serrano, white onion and cilantro.


I chose the “Enchiladas de Pollo con Mole” which are tortillas filled with chicken in a bed of thick spicy chocolate sauce. It came with a touch of cream, cheese, red onion, black bean paste and tostadas (toasted tortilla).


Both dishes were quite spicy which we enjoy after a few years living in Mexico but the menu also has many milder choices.

Now for the best part, they do have a nice selection of desserts…


However, I advise choosing the specialty of the house which is the famous “Panque”. These small cakes are made to order and take 20 minutes to bake. It is worth the wait though. We chose the chocolate variety but you can also choose apple, blackberry, banana and corn. There are different choices of sauces to accompany it and we decided on “rompope” which is a kind of Mexican eggnog liqueur.


Just before you leave the bookshop, you pass the “Pendulo”, the pendulum that gives the name to the bookshop.


If you are ever in Mexico city, do try to find the time to visit the Pendulo, it is really worth it!



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  • Monica says:

    Do they still have those brunch concerts on Sat and Sun? I managed to discover a similar place here in Rome but, why oh why?, the lights are horrible: those white eco bulbs ruin everything!

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