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This home remedy will probably sound a bit strange but it worked wonders for a Mexican girl I know who is 6 months pregnant. Most of us who went through a pregnancy know that at some point with the pressure of the baby on our gall  bladder, you are bound to have pain in your lower back and kidneys. If it is serious pain you should always check with your doctor. However, if it is just due to the normal pressure, here in Mexico, particularly in the pueblos, they use this home remedy a lot. Even if you are not pregnant you can also try and see how it works for you.

Aloe Vera home remedy to eliminate Kidney Pain

  • 1/2  leaf of Aloe Vera, peeled
  • Soap, enough to cover the area
  • Bandage, enough to wrap the area
  • Peel the hard skin of the Aloe Vera leaf . Be careful not to cut  very deep since you want to get as much as you can of the jelly part of the leaf,  as shown in the picture.

Aloe Vera Home Remedy to eliminate Kidney Pain DSC05356

  • Rub once the Aloe in the kidney area to moisten it. Then get the soap and rub over it to form a thin paste.

Aloe Vera home Remedy to Eliminate Kidney Pain DSC05380

  • Finally put the Aloe leaf over the paste and wrap with the bandage just enough to hold it. Leave it for a few hours until the pain is gone or the whole night.

The girl I know left it the whole night and in the morning she felt as good as new!



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  • Monica says:

    as long as it stays outside the pregnant woman body aloe vera is OK. otherwise very dangerous!

    • Maria says:

      Thank you for raising the issue Monica. Yes, it is outside of course and it is an old Mexican traditional medicine that women have been using forever in the pueblos. The quantity in your skin is also very small. Taking aloe vera juice during pregnancy is deemed unsafe. However, most specialists say that using aloe vera (or products containing it) as a topical skin treatment is safe during pregnancy.

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