90 years young

This Christmas and New year were a bit emotional for me. It was our mother 90th birthday and the whole family converged to Portugal in order to celebrate the life of the most resilient woman I know.

She has been through so much and although she is now confined to a wheel chair, she is still here. She never ceases to amaze us. When we think her mind is somewhere else, she makes the sharpest and often surprising remarks that often catch us off mark. Her eyes sparkle as before and let you know she is still there, observing everything.

I found this picture of her as a young woman, it is not very sharp but her spirit and sparkle certainly come through.

90 years young

Her advice is still to the point, be it how to deal with men or when to stop eating sweets. It makes us laugh and happy she can still do it.

When I saw her and told her I and my family were coming to celebrate her 90’s birthday, she said, 90 years old? How awful!

I laughed and said, how wonderful mother. Looking at the five siblings that chose to be present and to all my nephews and nieces, how wonderful indeed. We are a family that are in touch but don’t get to see each other that often, at least not all at the same time. To have seen our children together laughing and talking as if they saw each other every day was very touching. And comforting my crying daughter when we left because she could no longer be with her cousins was very emotional.

Geography separate us always but we are family. We can still laugh about the past and be proud of the next generation who are talented and full of live. Looking at “my” sea as I call it, I always wish I didn’t need to say goodbye but then I remind myself that I always wanted to know what lies beyond and I still do.

90 years young

90 years young

90 years young

Sitting at my desk in Tehran, there is still so much I want to explore and photograph. Changes may be on the horizon again, no idea what the future will hold but I’m still willing to find out.

May I still tell you all about it for many years to come mother!

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